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Backstreet Boys Icon Challenge

BSB Icon Challenge
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Welcome to bsb_i_challenge, LiveJournal's original icon challenge community for the Backstreet Boys. A picture of the Backstreet Boys [group, solo, pair etc.] will be provided and you will submit your icon challenge in a screened comment.

All the submitted icons are posted and people vote for their favorites and the icons with the most votes win the top three awards. The icons are solely voted on by members of the community. Award banners are given for first, second, third, and Mod's Pick.

01. Challenges begin on Monday and entries will be accepted until Friday evening. They run for two weeks.
02. Voting for your TOP THREE icons will begin Saturday morning and end Saturday night.
03. Winners and award banners are posted Sunday.
04. Don't use or display your icon anywhere until the challenge is over and winners have been anounced. The entries are screened for a purpose, this is an anonymous challenge.
05. One entry per person, you can do whatever you want as far as text/effects/animation goes unless the post states otherwise. When submitting include the icon(s) AND link(s) to where the icon(s) is/are hosted.
06. Please keep the icon on your server until the winners are announced.
07. Don't steal any icons. If the maker gives the icon out for use on their own then that's their descision. This isn't the place to find icons for your personal use.
08. Icons shouldn't exceed 100x100 or 40K.
09. Actually, follow the rules.
10. Have fun! :-)